Specialist Courses - Nationally Recognised Qualifications - Customised Training and Consultancy

Health and personal care Courses

Bowel care

Designed for those administering suppositories and/or enemas

Disability Support Workshop 1

Enabling EDIE: Understanding Dementia

Enteral (Tube) Feeding

Designed for disability support staff and allied health professionals
Changed from Tube Feeding to Enteral (Tube) Feeding Jan 2022 (FK)

Epilepsy management

Introduced October 2022 as a piece of further training staff can optionally complete.

Intellectual disability and dementia

Mental Health First Aid

Palliative Care

Promoting client health workshop

Introduced Jan 2021. Equivalent to and replaces Deteriorating Client Health delivered in new Hunter houses (FK)

Supra Pubic Catheter (Catheter Care)

Designed for support workers and allied health professionals

Tube Feeding First Practice Assessment

New Nov 2021 (FK)