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Disability Support Workshop 1

This course is for Cerebral Palsy Alliance employees. 

Who is this course for?  

This two-day course is mandatory training for the Disability Support workforce and Youth employees and is a pre-requisite to all other health courses. 

For more detail see your Learning Journey. 

If this course is relevant to your role, but not mandatory, please discuss with and get approval from your manager.   

What content does the course cover?   

In this training session, you will learn and practice skills around: 

Day 1 

  • Infection Prevention and Control   
  • Assist with Medication   

This day will cover the foundational knowledge and skills you will need to support CPA clients. It includes learning the basics of infection prevention and control and a comprehensive guide to assisting clients with medications.  

Day 2 

  • Mealtime Assistance 
  • Manual Handling Tasks (Back Yourself) 

This day will equip you with the knowledge and skills to prepare and support individuals with mealtimes, including; IDDSI levels and testing, risks and concerns relating to mealtimes and strategies to prepare and present food in line with IDDSI requirements. 
You will also learn to perform manual handling tasks safely and identify common manual handling hazards, risks and barriers. You will practice completing common transfers used to support people with complex movement disorders. This includes hoisting, bed mobility, standing transfers and decision making when supporting a person from the floor.  

Does the course have prerequisites or specific requirements?   

The following online learning courses must be completed before attending: 

  • Assist with medication - online 
  • Infection prevention and control – online 
  • Mealtime assistance – online 
  • WHS Awareness and Duty of Care – online 
  • Moving People Safely Video – online Learning Bite 

Read essential policies and guides (found on The Hub): 

  • Infection Prevention and Control Policy 
  • Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines 
  • Medication Policy 
  • Medication Practice Guide 
  • Mealtime Management Policy 
  • Mealtime Management Practice Guide 
  • Client Manual Task Safety Policy 
  • Manual Task Safety Practice Guide 

What other details do I need to know?  

Training Alliance and your Manager will book you into this Workshop and send you a confirmation email with details of your Workshop date. 

New employees will complete this training in week 2 of your employment. 

Attendance type: In person (face to face) 

Duration: 2 days  

Times: 9:30am – 4:30pm  

Refreshments: Please bring your own lunch (as required)  

If you need to cancel: Cancellation guidelines 

Where can I get more information? 

Contact: The Training Alliance team 
Email: training@cerebralpalsy.org.au 
Phone: +61 2 9975 8715 

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