Specialist Courses - Nationally Recognised Qualifications - Customised Training and Consultancy

Workplace health and safety Courses

Back Yourself (manual handling): theory and practice workshop (for Public participants)

Back Yourself practical workshop

Designed for Cerebral Palsy Alliance employees only

Managing actual or potential aggression (MAPA)

Practical skills workshop for disability support practitioners and managers

Preventing and responding to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation

Programe created Dec 2019. Equiivalent to the former PRAHAR program for CPA induction training. (FK)
Removed "for Cerebral Palsy Alliance" from title of course - Jan 2020, as most of CPA's induction training is now for CPA staff only (with the option for externals to express interest in us scheduling extra sessions for them)

Transport people with disability

Designed for workers who drive clients in company accessible vehicles

WHS advanced workshop for occupational therapists, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists

Name changed from - WHS advanced workshop for occupational therapists and physiotherapists

WHS practical workshop for allied health therapists and assistants