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Gait assessment and AFO prescription in cerebral palsy

This course is for Cerebral Palsy Alliance employees 

Who is this course for? 

This is mandatory training for Physiotherapists with a current caseload. 
For more detail see your Learning Journey.
If this course is relevant to your role, but not mandatory, please discuss with and get approval from your manager.

What content does the course cover?  

In this 3-day practical training you will learn about gait and orthotic assessment and prescription and reflect and apply knowledge and skills between each session.
This includes:

  • Normal joint and segmental kinematics and kinetics during gait
  • Pathological gait patterns in cerebral palsy
  • The aims of orthotic management (including footwear)
  • Principles that guide orthotic design (including footwear)
  • Conducting a thorough two-dimensional gait assessment
  • Conducting a lower limb assessment
  • Applying clinical reasoning when determining an appropriate orthotic design (including footwear)
  • Tuning of the AFO-footwear combination to improve gait
  • Applying knowledge and skills to support a current client.

Does the course have prerequisites or specific requirements? 

The following must be completed before attending:

  • Gait assessment and AFO prescription in cerebral palsy – online
  • Pre-reading (will be emailed to participants in advance)
  • Conduct (and video) a gait assessment on a client after day 2 in preparation for day 3.

Note: You must also have a current caseload.

What other details do I need to know? 

Attendance type: In person (face to face)
Duration: 3 x full days
Times: Please select a course date below or if there are no dates, please click Enquire 
Refreshments: Please bring your own lunch (as required) 
If you need to cancel: Cancellation guidelines

Where can I get more information?

Contact: The Training Alliance team
Email: training@cerebralpalsy.org.au
Phone: +61 2 9975 8715 

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Classes for Gait assessment & AFO prescription in cerebral palsy starting 7 Aug 2024