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Assessment upskilling - AHA

This course is for Cerebral Palsy Alliance employees  

Who is this course for?  

This training is available for Occupational Therapists. 

What content does the course cover?  

This training session includes: 

  • Overview of the purpose and development of the AHA 
  • Overview of AHA items and score sheet 
  • Observation of a selection of videos and then group scoring 
  • This is an introduction to this assessment only and does not replace the 2 day course plus accreditation

Does the course have prerequisites or specific requirements?  

Participants should have children with a hemiplegia on their caseload aged between 18 months and 12 years. 

What other details do I need to know?  

Attendance type: Virtual 
Duration: 7 x 1 hour sessions    Please note: attendance is required at all sessions.
Times: Please select a course date below or if there are no dates, please click Enquire  
If you need to cancel: Cancellation guidelines 
Note:   If you are unable to attend a session that you have registered for, please ensure you contact Training Alliance and cancel as places are limited and this allows others to attend.  

Where can I get more information? 

Contact: The Training Alliance team 
Email: training@cerebralpalsy.org.au 
Phone: +61 2 9975 8715 

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