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CHC43115 - Certificate IV in Disability*

Nationally Recognised Training

*This course is superseded. Please contact us to discuss other courses that may meet your requirements.

Is this course suitable for you or your organisation?

This course is designed for workers who have experience in the disability sector and are looking to advance in their career and expand their knowledge and skills. Individuals can register their interest by clicking 'enquire below'. We also offer this course for in-house groups and we can be customised to meet your organisation’s learning needs
For Cerebral Palsy Alliance employees, CHC43115 - Certificate IV in Disability is the desired minimum qualification for all Senior Disability Support Practitioner/Workers, Team Leaders and Managers.  You can register your interest for the next semester intake by enquiring below.

Why choose this course?

The course is ideal for anyone working in the industry and need more advanced skills and a formal qualification to advance their career. It will take you from the foundations of disability support, through to more advanced practices and leadership skills.
With the combination of Training Alliance’s extensive expertise and your experience of working in the disability sector you will develop the skills and knowledge to provide individualised care and support to clients with varying disabilities, foster community participation and social inclusion, and lead a team of support workers.
The units offered through Training Alliance tailor the course for people working in direct disability support roles such as:
• Senior Disability Support Practitioner/ Worker
• Disability Team Leader/ Supervisor
• Senior Personal Care Attendant

What Content does the program cover?

You will be required to attend face to face classroom based training sessions, complete online learning, participate in workplace learning and complete a workplace diary.
CHC43115 - Certificate IV in Disability consists of 14 units of competency (11 core units and 3 elective units)

Unit Code and Unit Title

Core / Elective

CHCCCS015 - Provide individualised support 


CHCDIS002 - Follow established person-centred behaviour supports 


CHCDIS005 - Develop and provide person-centred service responses


CHCDIS007 - Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability


CHCDIS008 - Facilitate community participation and social inclusion


CHCDIS009 - Facilitate ongoing skills development using a person-centred approach


CHCDIS010 - Provide person-centred services to people with disability with complex needs


CHCDIV001 - Work with diverse people


CHCLEG003 - Manage legal and ethical compliance


HLTAAP001 - Recognise healthy body systems


HLTWHS002 - Follow safe work practices for direct care clients


CHCCCS021 - Respond to suspected abuse 


CHCDIS004 - Communicate using augmentative and alternative strategies 


CHCMHS001 - Work with people with mental health issues 



Does the program have any prerequisites?

No qualifications are necessary to participate in this course. The course is designed for people working in disability in a senior support or supervisory role.
A high level of reading, writing and oral communication skills to manage client support services and complete the qualification, is required.
As part of the enrolment process all applicants must complete a Skill Check to determine where you might need extra support with:

  • Reading and interpreting a range of documents, such as comprehensive reports, Organisational policies and procedures and legal documentation
  • Writing clear emails, routine reports and workplace communication.
  • Communicating complex ideas to a range of people such as people with disability, their families, managers and stakeholders.
  • Calculating measurements and budgets

To successfully complete this course, you also will require basic computing skills. This includes:

  • Creating, saving and editing Microsoft Office documents.
  • Accessing and searching the internet.
  • Downloading and saving documents from websites.
  • Uploading documents through websites.

For Cerebral Palsy Alliance employees the following pre-requisites apply

  • Permanent full time or part time employee
  • Completion of all CPA orientation and induction training as outlined in the CPA Training Guide
  • Approval from your manager

Do I get recognition for the units I have already studied?

Yes, you can apply for a credit transfer for units of competency you have already done.
You may also apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) where you can demonstrate skills and knowledge you already have.

How will course work be assessed?

You are required to complete a set of structured assessment tasks for each module you undertake. These tasks provide evidence that you have understood the training and applied it in the workplace. Satisfactory completion of all assessment tasks is required before a credential can be awarded.
This means that in order to attain the qualification, you need to do more than just attend the training.  You will need to commit to personal study time to complete assessment the requirements.
Examples of the evidence typically requested from students as part of their assessment tasks include:

  • Answers to knowledge-based questions and questions demonstrating application of the required knowledge
  • Completion of case studies
  • Descriptions of how to respond to various scenarios in the workplace
  • Completion of workplace-based observation tasks that require application of relevant competencies in the workplace
  • Third party reports from supervisors

Work Placement: 120 hours minimum work placement within a disability organisation is compulsory for this qualification.
Upon graduation, you will be awarded with CHC43115 - Certificate IV in Disability

What is the cost?

The fees for your course will vary depending on your eligibility to receive goverment funding. Please contact us to discuss your application and the fees that would apply to you.
Note: For Cerebral Palsy Alliance employees your employer pays the student fee.
 Please note our cancellation policy below.
* You may be eligible for Smart & Skilled funding provided by the NSW Government, in partnership with the Commonwealth Government.  Please enquire below.

How long is the course? 

The course is approximately 10 months 

What else do I need to know?

  • You will need access to a computer and the internet.
  • Everyone undertaking a nationally recognised course Australia wide is required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).  Your USI will link to an online account that will contain all your nationally recognised training records and results from 2015 on. You will need to supply your USI to us as your Registered Training Organisation.

How do I apply?

To apply for CHC43115 - Certificate IV in Disability please enquire below.

Where can I get more information?

Contact: The Training Alliance Team 
Email:  training@cerebralpalsy.org.au 

Phone: +61 2 9975 8715

Cancellation conditions apply

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