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Pressure injury prevention - online

(Course for organisations and professionals)

Cost: $38.50 including GST (*see below for group rates)
Duration: Approximately 40 minutes
Suggested refresher schedule: Every 24 months
Essential for:
  • Direct support professionals (DSPs) and other staff who work in group homes and residential facilities for individuals with disabilities
  • Family and friends caring for loved ones.
  • Allied Health professionals
NDIS Practice Standards tags:
  • Specialist Behaviour Support    
    • Behaviour Support in the NDIS
    • Restrictive Practices











Why choose this course?

This course is recommended for disability support practitioners and will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to prevent pressure injuries and provide effective support to clients at risk of pressure injuries.  

A pressure injury is damage to the skin and underlying tissue caused by prolonged pressure on an area of the body. This can happen when someone sits or lies in the same position for a long time without moving, causing blood flow to be restricted and leading to the development of a sore or ulcer. Pressure injuries can result in painful prolonged hospital stays, and at their worst, can be fatal.  

Pressure Injury avoidance is an important consideration for any care facility or service; most pressure injuries are considered preventable when correct prevention strategies are implemented. 

What content does the course cover?

This online course will help disability support practitioners and others understand what pressure injuries are and how they are caused.  

The online content also covers:   

  • Who is at increased risk of pressure injuries?  
  • Why prevention is so important  
  • How to prevent pressure injuries in the workplace  
  • The stages of pressure injury development  
  • How to recognise, report and effectively respond to pressure injuries

Course completion requires: 

Successful completion of the compulsory online quiz included at the end of the course.


Once successfully completed, learners will be issued with a digital certificate of completion.
PLEASE NOTE: Learners will NOT be provided with a Statement of Attainment after completing this course. Learners are NOT completing a nationally recognised unit of competency.

*For groups: 

We sell the course by licence agreement for large groups. This is very cost effective especially if several online courses are purchased.  Further discounts apply for a multiyear payment plan.

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