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Infection prevention and control - online

What you'll learn

  • Identify infection risks in disability care.
  • Respond effectively to infection risk situations.
  • Recognise common infection types.
  • Understand infection transmission methods.
  • Apply standard infection precautions in daily care.
  • Report situations needing extra precautions in disability care.
  • Use precautions for effective infection control.

Essential for:

Direct Support Workers and other staff who work in group homes, residential facilities, supported employment, and day programs.

NDIS Practise Standards tags: Provider Governance and Operational Management
Risk Management, Human Resource Management
Provision of Supports Environment
Safe environment, Management of Waste
Appropriate services: Specialised Accommodation including Respite, Group or Shared Living, Aged Care Residential, Transitional and Emergency Housing Settings
Community Engagement Programs including group activities, day programs, and community access
Supported Employment
Duration: 60 minutes
Suggested refresher schedule: Every 12-months (annually)
Cost: $38.50 including GST (*see below for group rates)

Why choose this course?

This course is a highly recommended option for owners and managers of disability service providers who want to empower their staff. It focuses on teaching essential work practices to ensure the well-being and safety of workers, clients, and others involved. 
By enrolling their staff in this course, managers can be confident that their workers will be equipped with the most up-to-date, research-backed knowledge to effectively prevent and manage infections in accordance with current Work Health Safety (WHS) laws, standards, and industry guidelines. 

What content does the course cover?

This comprehensive course provides participants with the knowledge they need to follow safe work practices and prevent the spread of infections in the workplace. Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify potential infection risks.
  • Respond appropriately to situations that may put them or others at risk of infection and report these incidents.
  • Recognise common types of infections.
  • Understand how infections can be transmitted.
  • Follow standard precautions as part of their daily work routine to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Identify situations where additional precautions may be necessary and report them.
  • Take necessary precautions when standard measures alone may not be enough to control infections

Course completion requires: 

Successful completion of the compulsory quizzes included throughout the learning.


Once successfully completed, learners will be issued with a digital certificate of completion 

Flexible learning access: 

Our learning materials are accessible through two options: directly on our Learner Management system (LMS) or by using our SCORMs, which can be hosted on your organisation's own LMS.  

For groups:  

We offer our course through a license agreement designed for large groups. This is a cost-effective option, especially when multiple courses are bought together. If you choose to pay for multiple years upfront, you will also get extra discounts.


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