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Certificate II in Business

Course Code: BSB20115

Is this course suitable for you or your organisation?

This course is designed for young adults or school leavers looking to gain some essential skills in working life and suits any individual looking to gain a qualification in business.
Individuals can register their interest by clicking Enquire below. We also offer this course for in-house groups for School Leaver Employment Support Programs. We can customise the course to meet your organisation’s learning needs and it can be delivered at your venue or ours.

Why choose this course?

Business is a great qualification to have under your belt as a foundation for many different careers and industries or higher education.
The Certificate II in Business is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge required for routine tasks in entry-level administrative roles, performed under direct supervision. You will learn the practical and fundamental operational skills to give you the confidence to perform administrative tasks effectively within the business environment. These skills are highly transferable to many different jobs and many employers value them.
The course is delivered in a fun and interactive way with lots of practical activities. You will be fully supported by the facilitator who you will be able to meet prior to the program commencing.


What content does the program cover?

Certificate II in Business consists of 12 units of competency (1 core unit and 11 elective units)

Unit Code

Unit Title

Core / Elective


Contribute to the health and safety of others



Apply basic communication skills



Work effectively in a business environment



Organise and complete daily work activities



Plan skill development



Participate in Environmentally sustainable work practices



Use business technology



Handle mail



Produce digital text documents



Use digital technology to communicate electronically



Work effectively with others



Deliver a service to customers


Does the program have any pre-requisites?

No qualifications are necessary to participate in this course.
A basic level of reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy skills to complete the qualification, is required.
As part of the enrolment process all applicants must complete a Skills Check to determine where you might need extra support with:
• Completing forms
• Reading instructions and information from tables and charts
• Writing short texts using basic punctuation and spelling.
• Communicating to people in plain English
To successfully complete this course, you also will require basic computing skills. This includes:
• Creating, saving and editing Microsoft Office documents.
• Accessing and searching the internet.
• Downloading and saving documents from websites.
• Uploading documents through websites.

Do I get recognition for any certificates/qualifications I have?

Yes, you can apply for a credit transfer for units of competency you have already done.
You may also apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) where you can demonstrate skills and knowledge you already have.

How will my course work be assessed?

You are required to complete a set of structured assessment tasks for each module you undertake. These tasks provide evidence that you have understood the training and applied it in the workplace. Satisfactory completion of all assessment tasks is required before a credential can be awarded.
This means that in order to attain the qualification, you need to do more than just attend the training.  You will need to commit to personal study time to complete assessment the requirements.
Examples of the evidence typically requested from students as part of their assessment tasks include:
• Answers to knowledge-based questions and questions demonstrating application of the required knowledge
• Answers to  case study questions
• Practical demonstrations
• Development of Resume and Portfolio
Upon graduation, you will be awarded with BSB20115 Certificate II in Business.

What is the cost?

The full fee is $2,100*
You will be invoiced in two stages;
Stage 1. Beginning of course
We will invoice you for a commencement fee of $1,100 at the beginning of the course.  Please note our cancellation policy below.
Stage 2. The remainder of the course fee will be invoiced at half way point of the course.
* You may be eligible for Smart & Skilled funding provided by the NSW Government, in partnership with the Commonwealth Government. 
Please enquire below.

How long is the course?

The course duration is approximately 16 weeks.

Where is the course held?

Various locations across Sydney

How do I apply?

To register your interest for Certificate II in Business please enquire below. 

What else do I need to know?

Everyone undertaking a Nationally Recognised course Australia wide is required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).  Your USI will link to an online account that will contain all your nationally recognised training records and results from 2015 on. You will need to supply your USI to us as your Registered Training Organisation.


For more information see www.usi.gov.au

Where can I get more information?

Contact: The Training Alliance Team

Email: training@cerebralpalsy.org.au

Phone: +61 2 9975 8715

Cancellation conditions apply

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