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Splinting and casting for people with cerebral palsy

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This course is available:

  • for Cerebral Palsy Alliance employees only 

Why choose this course?

Splinting and casting for people with cerebral palsy is a two day practical face to face workshop designed for OTs, PTs and staff assisting (AHAs, CSCs) with fabrication of splints and casts for children and adults with neurological disabilities.
It is a compulsory induction activity for all OTs, PTs and AHAs and CSCs who are required to assist. This interactive workshop focuses on the practical aspects of upper and lower limb splinting and casting. The workshop is structured to allow flexibility to meet participants learning needs.

What content does the program cover?

In this workshop, participants learn to:

  • conduct an evidence based upper and lower limb assessment prior to splinting and casting.
  • select appropriate evidence based interventions.
  • apply clinical reasoning when selecting an appropriate cast and/or splint.
  • select the appropriate splint or cast material and know how to use it.
  • fabricate a range of upper limb and lower limb splints and casts.

Does the program have any prerequisites?

There is an online learning component covering the theoretical framework in providing assessment and interventions for people with neurological disabilities.  Please allow 5-6 hours to complete this. AHAs and CSCs are not required to complete the online learning component.

Note:  Participants are sent a list of individual splinting and casting supplies which they are required to bring from their site for the course.  Make contact with your clinical educator and nominated supplies coordinator at your local site to gather supplies at least SIX WEEKS prior to the training.

Course completion requires:

This workshop includes a competency based assessment of the informal assessment of the practical skills covered in the course.

What is the cost?

There is no cost for this course

How long is the course?

Duration: 2 days practical workshop onsite (all participants).  Prerequisite online training module to be completed prior to the practical course (OTs and PTs only
Time: Please see scheduled times or enquire below  Note:  Registrations will close 6 weeks prior to course date.  If registrations have closed and you are interested in attending, please contact Training Alliance.

BYO lunch, reusable coffee cup and cutlery 

Where can I get more information?

Contact: The Training Alliance team
Email: training@cerebralpalsy.org.au
Phone: +61 2 9975 8715

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Wed 16 Aug 2023 at 9:30AM 2 classes Allambie Register